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Gelso Milano

Zebra Silk Scrunchie

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This luxe Zebra Silk Scrunchie is handmade from the most incredible natural silk and is the perfect accessory for your hair.

The unique and exclusive eye-catching zebra patterns adds a sensual, sophisticated touch.

Keep Your Hair Under Control

This zebra silk scrunchie can be used as a classy detail for a work or social occasion. It's also great for keeping hair out of your eyes and face as you carry out your skincare or makeup routine or work using your hands.

The smooth ultra-low-friction silk will ensure your hair is free of kinks or breakages.

Quality Italian Silk

Gelso Milano silk is made in Southern Italy using artisanal silk-making techniques handed down between the generations. It's natural, hypoallergenic 100% Mulberry Silk.

Exclusive Zebra Print Design

The exclusive zebra print design from Gelso Milano is a popular, timeliness classic that is also very much on-trend. The black and white striped pattern is bold and beautiful echoing safari.

Supports The Community

Gelso Milano scrunchies are handmade in conjunction with a Social Project that trains and provides job opportunities for socially excluded people. Each product helps support this initiative - creating a future for people in need.

Trees in a misty rainforest

Protect 5 Trees

We're committed to sustainable business. So with every order placed we'll protect 5 trees in the rainforest, absorbing 265kg of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2030.