A woman sorts silk cocoons

Where is Silk made?

Sericulture is the process of producing silk - including Mulberry Silk - from silk worms. It's an ancient practice and its origins are not entirely clear. However, archaeologists have found evidence of silk being produced in China from the 3rd Millennium BC - that's around 5,000 years!

China's success in Silk Production led to the emergence of a trading route known as the Silk Roads, connecting Asia and Europe economically and culturally.

This long-term connection to silk production may help explain why China is the world's largest producer of silk today - accounting for around 58% of the world's silk production in 2020 according to the International Sericultural Commission.

Outside of China, India is a major producer - accounting for around 37% of global production. But beyond that it really is a long-tail of smaller industries from Uzbekistan to Japan.


Top 10 Silk Producers by Country, 2020

 Country Silk Production (% of global total)
China 58.15%
India 36.80%
Uzbekistan 2.22%
Vietnam 1.06%
Thailand 0.57%
Brazil 0.41%
Iran 0.29%
North Korea 0.40%
Bangladesh 0.04%
Japan 0.02%

Source: International Sericultural Commission, UN Reg. No. 10418


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