About us

Snooze Foundry CEO

In 2018 I burnt out. Working in tech startups for 6 years and putting career progress ahead of health and relationships had taken its toll. I had nothing left in the tank, physically and mentally.

The process of taking time out to recover and recharge was an eye opener for me. Or, perhaps its more fair to say it was an eye closer, as I realised that quality sleep was key to my physical and mental wellbeing.

I bought books about it. I bought sleep trackers. Experimented with so many different types of white noise. I bought weighted blankets. Changed my bedding. Bought an eye mask. Set alarms. Tried different sleep times. Drank less alcohol. Drank more alcohol! Set limits on caffeine. Bought candles. Took baths.

It was, yes, a bit much. Turns out obsessing about sleep isn't... particularly sleep-inducing.

But out of this slightly over-obsessive focus on sleep I discovered a few things that worked. 

This was the inspiration that eventually led to the creation of Snooze Foundry. A small business with a big ambition: to help people sleep better.

- Joe, CEO