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Select Comfort Dental Guard For Teeth Grinding and Clenching (Bruxism)

Select Comfort Dental Guard For Teeth Grinding and Clenching (Bruxism)

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The Sleepright Select Dental Guard is specially designed for sufferers of teeth grinding and bruxism who have particularly large or small mouths.

Like other Sleepright dental guards the select is designed to keep your teeth apart, preventing them from wearing down and causing noise at night when your teeth grind against eachother. People who use a dental guard for teeth grinding and clenching often report a reduction in symptoms such as 

The Select Dental guard is different with its 5 adjustable bitepad positions, ensuring that the guard fits well to the unique features of your mouth. 

Key Benefits

  • Adjustable bite pad suits any mouth size and shape from extra small to extra large
  • Less material reduces gum irritation (particular the upper and side gum tissue)
  • No boil the flexible material works out of the box and fits in seconds
  • Comfortable and not bulky
  • BPA-free


Why Sleepright?

Sleepright are at the leading edge of dental guard technology. Their dental guards are FDA approved in the US for prescription use and are prescribed by dental professionals there. Now, their dental guards for teeth grinding and clenching are approved and available over the counter in the UK and EU. Approved by the British Dental Health Foundation and design by a dental expert you can be assured they are safe and effective for use to help prevent the effects of bruxism and TMJ.
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