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ProRx Custom Dental Guard For Grinding Teeth

ProRx Custom Dental Guard For Grinding Teeth

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Upgrade your teeth protection gear with the ProRx Custom Dental Guard for grinding teeth (Bruxism). The ProRx uses a next-generation moldable thermoplastic that softens at a low temperature allowing you to get an ultra-comfortable, secure custom fit without  the risk burns or discomfort that comes from traditional boil-and-bite dental guards.

The durable core with bite pad technology means this custom dental guard lasts ten times longer than the leading competitor, based on a lab study.

Unlike other custom dental guards for teeth grinding the SleepRight ProRx has built in fitting features allowing you to get a comfortable custom fit first time. It contains full instructions and a link to a fitting video which guides you through the simple step-by-step process.

Key Benefits

  • Next-gen technology ensures great durability and comfort
  • Low temperature feature prevents the risk of burns and discomfort
  • Quick fit - easy to use and mould to your mouth shape with clever fitting features
  • 10x Longer Lasting compared to the leading competitor
  • Molar guides centre molars on the guard for the perfect fit
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