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FreshGuard Dental Guard Cleaner and Disinfectant | 16 Pack

FreshGuard Dental Guard Cleaner and Disinfectant | 16 Pack

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Removal dental appliances such as dental guards and retainers are a great place for bacteria and yeasts to grow - which can be hard to clean with traditional cleaners alone.

FreshGuard® Dental Guard Cleaner and Disinfectant has anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties and are specially designed to get your device clean and fresh, quickly. They are recommended for dental guards, removable retainers, sport mouth guards and TMJD devices. This includes all Bruxism Mouth guards stocked by Snooze Foundry.

Antibacterial & Antifungal

FreshGuard® kills 99.99% of bacteria and - when used as directed - removes pathogenic yeasts such as candida albicans. Each pack contains 16 foil-wrapped effervescent tables, perfect for all oral devices.

Quick action

These dental guard disinfectant tablets disinfect in 15 minutes and cleans/freshens in 3 minutes

Independently tested

FreshGuard Disinfectant tablets have been independently tested for yeasticidal efficacy in accordance with European Standard EN 13624 (2013), using Candida albicans as the test organism.
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