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Dura Comfort Bruxism Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding and Clenching

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The Dura Comfort Bruxism Mouth Guard for teeth grinding and clenching is the most advanced product we stock, recommended for aggressive teeth grinders.

They're designed by an expert in dentistry to protect teeth and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) from grinding and are approved the British Dental Health Foundation.

This mouth guard  is designed to keep the upper and lower teeth apart to prevent wear and noise. And they're designed with a denser material to make them more durable.

The band is heat-sensitive and has a wider grooved strap compared to other models - which helps reduce rubbing and irritation whilst adjusting to your mouth. Along with stability wings that are more flexible helping it stay in place we believe it's the best bruxism mouth guard money can buy.

Key Benefits

  • No boiling or microwaving - it's ready to wear
  • Stronger bite pads for extra durability and effectiveness.
  • Extra secure with upgraded stability wings
  • British Dental Health Foundation approved and designed by an expert in dentistry
  • Fits all mouth types - bite pads adjust and swivel
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