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Sleepy Sheepy Children's Weighted Blanket - White

Sleepy Sheepy Children's Weighted Blanket - White

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Designed in Sweden, Sleepy Sheepy is a pacifier blanket, a weighted blanket and a safe friend all in one.

Studies have shown that weighted blankets can help your child to relax - at bed time, whilst travelling or at school or nursery.

Weighing about 2.5kg, Sleepy Sheepy is filled with glass beads that are sewn inside the animal in small bags that distribute the weight whilst remaining secure, small and silent.

When and how can my child use Sleepy Sheepy?

Sleepy Sheepy is very similar to a pacifier blanket, but it can also help the child relax and concentrate. So it is appropriate to use it on most occasions such as travelling, in the car, at school, on the couch, or at bedtime.

It can be placed on the lap for activities like schoolwork to help with focus and concentration. Or it can be placed over the upper body such as over the shoulders or chest to aid relaxation and calming - such as when they are sitting or lying on the sofa or bed.

From what age can my child start using Sleepy Sheepy?

Children under 2 years of age should not use Sleepy Sheepy. However, there isn't an upper age limit. 

What is the technology behind Sleepy Sheepy and are there scientific reports?

Like weight blankets, the principle behind Sleepy Sheepy is "Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation", a well-known therapeutic method that stimulates different pressure points on the body. This leads to reduced levels of stress hormones in the body as well as increased production of serotonin, which results in lower heart rate and blood pressure.

You can read more about the science through these reports:

Physiological Effects of Deep Touch Pressure on Anxiety Alleviation: The Weighted Blanket Approach

The use of a weighted vest to increase on-task behavior in children with attention difficulties

Sizing & Dimensions

90 x 30 x 8cm


Made of Cotton, Polyster and filled with glass beads

Care Guide

Machine wash at 30 degrees celsius on a gentle or hand wash programme.

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Designed in Sweden. Made in China.

CE marked

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