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Jaspar The Dreamy Elephant

Jaspar The Dreamy Elephant

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Jaspar is a snuggly baby bonding and attachment companion that can record and play back your voice to help calm your baby and send them to sleep.

Babies love noise, particularly womb-like sounds and the soothing sound of your voice. By playing back your personalised voice recording Jaspar can help deepen the attachment between you and your baby. All while helping them get the sleep that is so vital to the development of their brain and body.


Record up to 20 minutes

Jaspar the Dreamy Elephant can record up to 20 minutes of your voice. You can erase and re-record this as many times as you like.

You can read a story, or sing a lullaby - whatever works best for you and your baby!


6 White and Pink Sounds

Babies love white and pink noise. Jaspar has 6 sleed-inducing, relaxing sounds that can help your baby nod off in no time. The sounds play for a full 45 minutes, giving your little one plenty of time to drift off.

The sounds are:

  • A real womb heartbeat
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Hairdryer sounds
  • Birds chirping
  • Sea waves.


Cry Detector

Jaspar the Dreamy Elephant can hear when your baby is crying, automatically playing the last sound you played to help them get back to sleep. Jaspar will stay 'alert' for 3 hours before switching off to preserve battery life. 


Warm Red Glow

Jaspar's tummy has a red glowing light, which has been shown (see this study and this study) to help people get better sleep. The light automatically switches off after 30 minutes.


Easy to Carry

A velcro loop allows you to carry Jaspar anywhere such as hanging from a buggy or car seat.



Jaspar isn't a substitute for parenting. If your baby isn't soothed by Jaspar's sound and light they may need help from you.

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