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Hear Right Ear Plugs With Volume Control

Hear Right Ear Plugs With Volume Control

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Hear Right Volume Control Ear plugs are a high-end noise control solution with a unique adjustable volume control feature that allows you to choose how noise gets through - from complete sound protection to full hearing.

Unlike cheap alternatives, the easy fit design means you don't need to roll or refit them. The waterproof, ultra soft gel foam blocks dirt and contamination whilst ensuring a comfortable fit. And the SoundX sound-blocking inner core reduces vibration 30% more than traditional plastics.

The unique washable material (up to 100 times) makes them much cheaper than disposable alternatives - and is kinder to the environment too.

For air travellers an internal valve membrane slows cabin air pressure changes during flight, reducing air discomfort. And this package includes a FREE travel case too!

Key Benefits

  • Ear Plugs with volume control adjust the amount of sound passing through to  your ear to suit your environment
  • Easy, comfortable fit - no fiddly rolling or re-fitting, reducing risk of dirt contamination
  • Washable - re-use these up to 100 times, saving money and waste
  • SoundX sound-dampening core - cut vibration 30% more than lower quality, traditional plastics 

    Why Ear Plugs With Volume Control?

    Ear plugs are often overlooked as a sleep accessory, but they can be an effective tool for getting a good night's rest. They can also help you get through noise from neighbours, traffic, construction or events. With the volume control feature you can adjust how much noise gets through - allowing you to set the perfect volume for your environment.

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