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Bluebell 7 in 1 Smart Baby Monitor

Bluebell 7 in 1 Smart Baby Monitor

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The 7 in 1 Smart Baby Monitor is an award-winning monitoring system that gives you peace of mind while your baby sleeps.

The simple wearable sensor gives instant alerts to the Bluebell app including:

  • Baby's breathing
  • Temperature
  • Crying
  • Rolling onto their tummy

Also, it include a nightlight, lullabies and white noise to soothe your baby to sleep - all controllable via the App.

What's in the box?

  • Hub
  • Sensor
  • UK Plug
  • Instruction Manual
  • App (iOS and Android)


2-way audio

Nothing compares to the sound of your voice. The Bluebell 7 in 1 Smart Baby Monitor includes 2-way audio so you can both listen and respond to your baby, providing calming reassurance wherever you are.


Free Bluebell App

The free bluebell app enables you to gain insights into sleep and routine such as nappy times and feeds. It supports multiple users too.

Designed by Doctors in the UK

Bluebell was created by a specialist team including doctors with specialist experience of mental health and emergency care. The care and quality is visible in Bluebell's exceptional design, helping you worry less about your little one.


Suitable from birth to 2 years.

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